True Value of the PlayMining Economic Zone Co-Created by Japanese Creators and Fans?

14 min readJan 3, 2022

This article is specifically for those who are familiar with the keywords such as “Play to Earn,” “earning games,” “Job Tribes,” “scholarship,” “$DEP,” “DEA,” and “Game Fi.”

Today’s Japanese game industry is facing a tough competition with foreign contents. It is said that this is due to the intricate intertwining of domestic employment practices and industrial structures. One of the most problematic issues is the low-living-standards of creators.

While unraveling the concept of the “Play Mining” economic zone that Digital Entertainment Asset Pte Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as DEA) is working on, we will talk about the story that will lead to the improvement of the living-standards of Japanese creators who are “talented but not profitable.”

The other day, the DEA white paper was redesigned. I will tell you the contents in the most simpler way than anywhere else.

If you can understand the future that this white paper is trying to show you, you will understand why it will lead to the advancement of Japanese creators.


・For those who are considering investing in $ DEP and $ PMG (PlayMinig Gold: Governance Token to be issued by DEA)

・For those who are interested in the highly profitable “Job Tribes” scholarship

It should be easier to imagine the world that DEA is aiming for, the future changes in society, and the significance of the experience gained through games.

It will be a little longer, but please stay with us until the end.

The time has come when you can make money by playing games!!

Let’s start with the introduction to the white paper.

”PlayMining is the leading NFT game platform of the global GameFi (Game-based Decentralized Finance) industry.”

This sentence is a simple statement of the future and significance of existence that DEA wants to make, but it can be rephrased as follows. (And this is also what this note wants to convey)

DEA is a company that creates a mechanism to realize a new lifestyle, “players and creators work together to make money through games.”

To understand the essence of DEA

1 “NFT game (Play to Earn)”
2 “GameFi”
3 “PlayMinig”

Understanding these three words is the key.

I will explain it easier.

① What is an NFT game (Play to Earn)?

The keyword “NFT” (non-fungible token) has become a hot topic these days.

Aside from the difficult definitions and technologies of NFTs, the blockchain technology used in NFTs has made it possible to add assets to the money and items that you get in the game.

Explain It simply,

・You can convert the gold earned by defeating monsters with Dragon Quest into Japanese yen.
・Rare equipment found in the dungeon can be sold to other players.
・You can also take it to another game such as FF and use it.

Until now, it is like,

・you buy hardware and software and play (Super Nintendo or PlayStation)?
・you start playing for free and be charged in the game (social games)?

There were two types, but here a game with a new concept of “making money by playing games” was born. That is “Play to Earn”. (You can think of it as a Play to Earn = NFT game)

DEA has challenged so far

・Trading card battle game “Job Tribes”
・Puzzle game “Play Mining Puzzle x Job Tribes”
・Coin pusher game “Lucky Farmer”

They have released 3 titles and plan to expand to 10 more games in 2022.

② What is GameFi?

GameFi is a combination of this “NFT game” and finance (“Fi” nance).

The money earned in NFT games will be the virtual currency issued by the game company. You can exchange this cryptocurrency for another cryptocurrency or monetize it into fiat currencies such as dollars and yen. In short, it is “exchange”.

In addition, a mechanism has already been established in which interest rewards can be obtained by placing (lending) the virtual currency earned in the game on the exchange in the game.

In other words, you can do almost the same thing as the actual financial system through the money you earned in the game and the items you got.

The mechanism around here has a lot of technical terms and may be difficult to understand, but if you want to understand more deeply, please refer to this article as well.

③ What is PlayMining?

Once you understand NFT games and GameFi, it’s easy to understand DEA’s “Play Mining.”

DEA is in this mechanism called Play Mining.

  1. Through the independently issued virtual currency “DEAP Coin” (DEP) (① in the figure)
  2. They have made it possible for both their company and other companies to launch NFT games (② in the figure) * 1
  3. Made it easier for users to play the game (④ in the figure)
  4. Allowed users to easily buy and sell NFTs (③ in the figure)
  5. Every time an NFT is traded, the creator who created the NFT loses royalties (⑤ in the figure).

In particular, Number 5 “Mechanism for dropping royalties to creators” is very important for Japanese people. Please keep in mind that we will explain in detail later.

*1: In addition to games, there is also a plan to distribute manga. You can make money by reading manga, so to speak, “NFT manga” and “MangaFi” are expected to be realized in the near future.

Bringing Japanese creators to the world in the PlayMining economic zone!

Now that you have a rough idea, let’s take a deep dive into the mechanism of PlayMining.

Within the PlayMining economic zone, there are roughly three fields: “games,” “NFTs,” and “finance.” It contains its own token issuance / blockchain technology and the Metaverse concept. (Above chart)

The story of “games,” “NFTs,” and “finance” is the same as before, but there is another element that cannot be ignored when talking about DEA’s PlayMining.

That is the fact that “NFT is a production of a famous Japanese writer”.

[Strength of DEA] NFT production by a well-known Japanese author

In games such as the NFT card battle game “JobTribes” operated by DEA, you can advance the game to your advantage by using NFT by a well-known Japanese writer.

The writers participating in PlayMining are as follows. (Partially out of order)

  • Kamui Fujiwara: “Dragon Quest Retsuden Lot’s Crest” etc.
  • Hiro Mashima: “RAVE”, “Fairy Tail”, etc.
  • Etsushi Ogawa: “Chuka Ichiban!” Series, etc.
  • Haruhiko Mikimoto: “TV Anime Super Dimension Fortress Macross (Character Design)”, “Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress (Character Design)”, etc.
  • Terumi Nishii: “Jujutsu Kaisen (Chief Animation Director)” “Animation JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Diamond Is Unbreakable (Character Design)” etc.
  • Ryoji Minagawa: “Spriggan” etc.
  • Kaya Tsukiyama: “The Knight in the Area” etc.
  • Tatsuya Egawa: “Magical Taruruto-kun” etc.
  • Takeshi Ebihara: “Miss Machiko” etc.
  • Kazushi Hagiwara: “BASTARD !! -Dark Destruction God-” etc.
  • Takayuki Doi: “Momotaro Dentetsu” series, etc.
  • Akira Miyashita: “Kai !! Otokojuku” etc.
  • Takeshi Okano: “Jigoku Sensei Nube” etc.

In addition to this, Mr. Shin Kibayashi, who is famous as the original author of “Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo” and “Drops of God”, is also in charge of the original story of “Job Tribes”.

Furthermore, Tatsunoko Production, which is famous for Tatsunoko Production. Yoshitaka Amano, who is famous for the Final Fantasy series, has also produced NFT.

This is sort of an all-star member who is irresistible for manga fans and illustration fans.

Play Mining is a mechanism that aims to restore the rights of creators

At PlayMining, royalties are paid to the NFTs produced by these prominent creators every time they are traded in the market.

So far, more than 100 million yen has already been paid in Japanese yen.

The illustration data I wrote becomes an asset, and every time it is bought or sold, it is returned as a reward of millions of yen or tens of millions of yen, so the participating creators seem to be very surprised.

In addition, cooperation with other side chains (* 2) such as Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is being promoted so that NFTs can be distributed outside the PlayMining mechanism.

The good thing about NFTs is that blockchain technology allows all transactions to be publicly recorded. Then, you will be able to return royalties to the author even for transactions that occurred in the secondary distribution and tertiary distribution.

*2: A sidechain is a blockchain implemented as a mechanism that solves the problem on top of the underlying blockchain mechanism. BCS is a service that solves the problems of the Ethereum-based network where transaction fees (gas charges) have soared, and realizes low-cost and high-speed transactions.

What are the problems with Japanese “Derivative work” culture?

The story is a little off, but Japan is a “derivative work” powerhouse.

Derivative works are “creations (illustrations, manga, videos, music, etc.) written by individuals unrelated to the original author” such as doujinshi and MAD movies.

The aspects of Japanese content that are supported by this derivative work cannot be ignored. (The economic effect of the comic market, a festival of secondary creation, is more than 10 billion yen)

When a good illustrator (called a god painter) uploads an illustration of “Demon slayer” on Twitter, it spreads as tens of thousands of retweets, which boosts the popularity.

As an author, while the sales of the original work may increase due to the secondary creation, there is a possibility that the work may be modified in a malicious manner, so it cannot be totally OK or totally banned. It has a dilemma.

NFT becomes the light that illuminates the darkness of “derivative work”?

In fact, NFT is expected to solve this problem of “derivative work”.

For copyrighted works listed as NFTs, all transactions are recorded, so you can check when, where, to whom (to which wallet) and how much was sold.

In addition, revenue sharing rules can be “written” in code to the NFT. Therefore, every time a transaction is made, the copyright fee is automatically returned to the creator based on the revenue sharing rule.

Since DEA has realized the technology to firmly protect the rights of this author in a private chain, all the creators of such members as mentioned above are participating.

A “de-centralized” economic zone to protect information

In general, blockchain technology is “difficult to tamper with, and transparent, no need of administrator”. Blockchain is open to the public in this way that are called open chains and public chains.

On the other hand, “private chains” that can only be managed by a specific company tend to be viewed negatively. However, of course, there are many fields that should not be open, such as information security and medical care.

DEA has been praising this private chain technology and has promoted capital (business) alliances with listed companies in each field.

NFT事業を手掛けるDEA、情報セキュリティ大手フーバーブレインと資本業務提携 Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltdのプレスリリース(2021年3月15日 15時02分

↑ The release that DEA formed a capital tie-up with “Fuva Brain”(Leading company of information security field)

DEA、医療システムソリューション大手ファインデックスと資本提携 Digital Entertainment Asset Pte.Ltdのプレスリリース(2021年1月28日 15時00分

↑ The release that DEA formed a capital tie-up with “FINDEX”(Leading company of medical solution)

DEA’s purpose is to provide a quality entertainment experience, and blockchain is just a way to achieve the ideal, not an NFT game.

In a past interview, CSO Kozo Yamada also answered as follows.

In that sense, the PlayMining economic zone is “centralized” and is not currently aimed at “decentralized operation”.
Again, our project isn’t about “using blockchain”, it’s about “creating an entertainment platform that involves users around the world”, so it’s a tool of “centralized”. The idea is that there is no particular problem.
(Because the non-crypto users we want to get involved with, the so-called “ordinary people”, have no knowledge of “distributed operations”)

Delivering Japan’s proud manga, anime, and games to the world

In addition, DEA has a capital and business alliance with “Media Do”, a major ebook agency.

MEDIA DO Co., Ltd. The MEDIA DO Group aspires to make the greatest possible cont

“Media Do” is a company that operates the world’s largest community media for Japanese anime and manga called “MyAnimeList”, which has more than 10 million users in Europe and the United States.

By this capital and business alliance, the following will be done.

  • Supporting Media Do’s ebook business with DEA’s know-how
  • Turn Japanese content into a blockchain game on the PlayMining platform
  • Globally monetized by Media Do’s network
  • Strengthen promotion of PlayMining platform in collaboration with MyAnimeList

According to an interview conducted by Gentosha,

In the future, we are planning to provide Japanese manga on “Play Mining”, build a new business model for manga using NFT, and manage copyright using blockchain.

So, people are assuming “it may be connected to the aforementioned “Manga Fi.” It seems that.

Improving the status of Japanese content creators with “PlayMinig”

From the above facts, we can see that DEA is not just a company that is trying to make money by making NFT games.

On a white paper, it says the following.

“ PlayMining was born with the goal of building a system that protects the rights and benefits of global creators from Japan and abroad, while creating all-new entertainment content.”

Is what DEA wants to achieve in the ”LAND concept”?

The introduction has become quite long. From here is the production.

DEA is a company that creates a mechanism to realize a new lifestyle, “players and creators work together to make money through games.”

In the beggining of the article, I wrote that, “PlayMining Verse” (PlayMining version Metaverse).

CEO Naoto Yoshida also interviewed the Nikkei newspaper.

It is said that games will create a large economic zone by connecting with Metaverse, which is set up by giant IT (information technology) companies such as Meta (formerly Facebook). “A world will come where people with content will create their own communities.”

However, I am trying to create this “world where people with content create their own communities” in the Metaverse.

Let’s unravel the contents while using the figure of the white paper.

Chapter 1: Creator Country and People

Phase 1 of PlayMining VERSE

Within “Play Mining Verse”, creators can create “countries” using specific sections within the Metaverse. It is also possible to freely design the land, national flag, history, culture, etc.

It can be said that this is a realization of the setting materials used to define the world view of works such as manga, anime, and games.

By purchasing the LAND (land on the Metaverse), fans have the right to become a citizen of the “country” created by the creator, and can enter the world created by their favorite creator as an avatar.

It is also possible to use an icon that proves that you are a citizen as a profile image.

Even now, I think you can see people who use the common crypto art icon on Twitter, but in the future, it seems that the connection between fans will develop with the common point of being a citizen of the same country.

Chapter 2: Creator Country and the Legendary Dragon

Phase 2of PlayMining VERSE

After the launch of LAND, after a period of development, LAND buyers will actually be able to “enter” the space.

There, for example, there may be a store that sells works created by one nation as a derivative work to another.

(As mentioned above) Since the royalties are returned to the original author, the people who created the derivative work can also sell the work with the permission of the original author.

In addition, you will be able to experience events, STORY, and commercial activities that are unique to that country and are set for each creator.

The white paper also states that “monsters will appear across countries, sometimes giving benefits and sometimes losses to the country.”

This may allow creators and the public to work together to protect the country from the monster, or to fight with another country.

Even after this, the details of the following two chapters have not been clarified at this time.

Chapter 3: Creator Country and Infinite World
Chapter 4: Creator Country and the Secrets Beyond

A fan community made by “Play Mining Verse”

How Creators & Fans Interact through PlayMining

In PlayMining economy, there are two ways to interact with mid-level players and fans.

The first one is NFT trading and indirect trading of NFT games (see the above figure and others).

Another is a metaverse space where fans bought in the land of arrival, and the players directly exchange. (There is the above figure).

In “Play Mining Verse”, the following is likely to happen.

  1. Creators create a “country” and attract more “avatars = people”
  2. The more people there are, the more active domestic economic activities (= NFT trading, etc.) will be, and the higher the GDP in the LAND.
  3. “Play to Earn” will be realized through a common game experience in which creators and fans work together to create a “country”.

From the left side to the right side, people who became fans of creators through NFT games flow to the metaverse that should become the creator’s “nation”.

AND, from the right side to the left side, new games and NFT works created in the Metaverse will be brought into the area on the left side and distributed.

This is achieved by famous Japanese writers.

It’s just a possibility, but it may be possible to create a metaverse of the world of Ghost in the Shell or a metaverse that imitates Hunter x Hunter’s Greed Island.

Therefore, I have a dream of creating an economic zone together with creators and fans.

Not only in “Play Mining”, but also the importance of Japanese creators in Metaverse is summarized in this article.


<iframe width=”560" height=”315" src=”" title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0" allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

But will such a dreamlike world really come true? You may have thought.

I would like you to watch this video. (Playback time is set)

This video is a full polygon video made with Unreal Engine. All the scenery that looks like a real city is made with a game engine.

It is made with the concept of actually experiencing the world of The Matrix.

If these technologies are applied in the Metaverse and anyone can easily create a real “country”, the “Play Mining” economic zone as explained above is quite feasible.

Sure, it’s a little ahead, but not too far away.

If you are interested in it, please try “Play to Earn” in the Play Mining game first.

Unlike other NFT games, all you need is your email address and phone number to get started for free.




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