LCA Game Guild Partners with BlockchainSpace

5 min readMar 17, 2022


We are pleased to announce that LCA Game Guild is the first Japanese game guild to sign an official partnership agreement with BlockchainSpace and to be recognized as one of the top guilds in the world.

What is BlockchainSpace?

BlockchainSpace is a worldwide project (DAO) that provides tools and infrastructure to support game guild operations.

Currently, approximately 11,000 gaming guilds and 1.2 million game players worldwide use BlockchainSpace’s services.

The service includes

・tools to easily measure game player performance (*1),
・reports based on big data from guilds and players around the world (*2)
・Financing services for guilds

and more.

(*1) Video introduction of “Kaizen,” Axie Infinity’s scholarship management tool with the largest number of users in the world.

(*2) Reports from guilds around the world that play Axie Infinity (Guild Insights Reports)

What is the World’s Top Guild?

Out of the more than 100,000 gaming guilds currently estimated to exist, BlockchainSpace has announced the “Most Influential Gaming Guilds” as the top guilds in the world.

The World’s Top Guilds include Yield Guild Games (YGG), Merit Circle (MC), and Unix Gaming, also known as the world’s three largest NFT gaming guilds.

LGG was recognized as the market leader in the Japanese GameFi market alongside these world’s top guilds.

What is the NFT Game Guild?

Two sectors (art and gaming) driving the NFT industry

The NFT craze has two main streams: the NFT art and the NFT gaming.

In the field of NFT art, a single painting sold for 7.5 billion yen and a Jack Dorsey tweet sold for 300 million yen, making big news in Japan.

However, although the concept of “play to earn” (Play to Earn) has become a hot topic in the NFT game field, the complexity of the information and the rapid development of the game have left many people feeling that they do not really understand what is happening.

NFT games generally require the pre-purchase of NFTs (in-game characters and items) to be used in the game in order to play the game.

As the game becomes more famous and the number of participating users increases, the price of those NFTs will naturally increase, which is a big burden for individuals who want to play the game.

Role of the NFT Game Guild

The NFT Game Guild allows players to play NFT games without paying upfront by renting out such in-game NFTs to players and sharing in the profits earned from the games. (called “Scholarship”).

The NFT Game Guild has become a market leader in NFT games, working with companies that develop NFT games to serve as a bridge between those who want to make money from games and the NFTs needed to get started.

However, in order to do business as a game guild in the Japanese GameFi market, there are a number of challenges that need to be overcome.

What are the challenges facing gaming guilds?

As the guild grows, it will need to perform the same management tasks as a regular company, such as human resources, payroll management, financial management, customer management, accounting, and fundraising.

As a result, you will face scaling challenges.

In doing so, BlockchainSpace can be a great help to NFT gaming guilds, as it can support the following;

  1. Their ability to have a good eye for selecting the best games from the vast number of NFT games
  2. Develop and manage a healthy gaming community
  3. Provide tools for automatic payroll payments to scalers
  4. Fundraising tools

LCA Game Guild x BlockchainSpace

Why LGG was selected as one of the top guilds in the world

LGG is currently focused on developing

・Developing systems to find the next Axie Infinity
・Providing a world-class gaming guild environment
・Attract users to the “P2E Economic Zone” through various media
・Social contribution activities through scholarship (ESG)

For more information

LGG was selected as the Guild to represent Japan because of these efforts.

What this partnership can achieve

This partnership with BlockchainSpace and election to the World’s Top Guilds will enable us to

・Support the expansion of BlockchainSpace’s visibility in the Japanese market, thereby revitalizing the scaling of the NFT gaming guilds in Japan.

・To minimize the information gap between Japan and the rest of the world in the NFT gaming industry by sharing information with gaming guilds around the world.

・To promote market stability and healthy development by selecting better NFT games and distributing games that are safe and exciting for users.

・To provide overarching and specific advice to major Japanese game companies on the development and distribution of NFT games from the perspective of the market as a whole.

・To serve as a bridge for overseas game companies to distribute NFT games in the Japanese market.

LGG’s partnership with BlockchainSpace and other mega guilds25 will accelerate the early discovery of the next great game and the formation and healthy expansion of the GameFi community.


LCA GAME GUILD (LGG) is one of the largest gaming guilds in Japan, with the mission of “increasing the number of adults who take on challenges.”

Focusing on the concept of “Play to Earn” = “Earn with Games” of the NFT game from around 2019 as a tool to support the three elements of “Money, Time, and Confidence” of adults who take on challenges.

It was established with the goal of increasing the number of adults who are challengers along with the development of GameFi and WEB3 through games, business, and social contribution activities.

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About BlockchainSpace

BlockchainSpace enables play-to-earn guilds to scale in the metaverse.

They build tools to empower gaming communities and run academies to identify economic opportunities in games.

Their aim is to embolden the next generation of play-to-earn gamers and guild owners to become successful entrepreneurs by equipping them with essential digital tools and financing to scale.

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We are one of the largest gaming guilds in Japan, mainly composed of Japanese. We are running a blockchain game strategy website “P2E Hacks”.