Introduction of LGG (LCA Game Guild) — The Largest Game Guild in Japan


LGG is a gaming guild with no barriers between Japan and other countries.
A case study of a guild member who made it to 200 million yen in asset formation.
LGG has established our quantitative research team for the next popular game.
Cumulative PvP prize winnings from JobTribes, the game we partnered with in the early period.
The result of JobTribes’ 1st World Championship. LGG members dominated the top positions in the correct answer competition for PvP winners.
Pegaxy Breeding: LGG achieved 131.9% monthly yield
Set KPIs in detail to forecast trends in economic areas.
We also focus on ESG activities utilizing blockchain technology.

What is LGG?

Composition of our guild members

Achievements at JobTribes (DEAPcoin)

Total Monetary Awards: 7 million DEP
Total Monetary Awards: 3 million DEP

Partnerships with gaming companies

Results of Pegaxy (VIS/PGX)

Detailed analysis of market trends

Pegaxy’s entry and exit timing
Pegaxy’s Market Trend Control Chart
Graphing of various KPIs

[TOP PRIORITY] Research on the Next Popular NFT Game

What is the next Axie Infinity?

Providing the Highest Level of the Gaming Guild Environment

Horizontal development of game strategy know-how by TOP players

Shinkei: @shinkei_pm
ajihurai: @ajihurai_DAA
Neoneow: @ neoneow_P2E

Invited Top Advisors for Each Game Titles, including Axie Infinity

Achievements with Axie Infinity (SLP)

Communication: The Appeal and Potential of “Play to Earn” via Various Media Channels

P2E Hacks, an NFT Game Strategy Website

Yun & Aki’s “NFT Game Channel”

Twitter “Hosogane_LGG”

LGG Discord

The Team of Professionals in Many Different Areas

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Initiatives

ESG and NFT Gaming Industry

Source: GSIA, Bloomberg Intelligence

Contributing to Society through Scholarships

Play to Earn: Possibility of NFT Games Saving Poverty in Japan

Focusing on Supporting Developing Countries

The Ideal Gaming Guild LGG Imagines

NFT Games & Poverty in Japan

Example of Scholarship Supporting Single-Parent Families

Create Society where Young People Can Hold HOPE FOR FUTURE

Wages have been increasing in all the OECD countries except Japan.
Source: The Nippon Foundation, Attitudes Toward Country and Society (9-country survey)

The Gaming Guild with Adults Trying Everything



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