Introduction of LGG (LCA Game Guild) — The Largest Game Guild in Japan

15 min readFeb 22, 2022

LCA GAME GUILD (LGG) is one of the largest gaming guilds in Japan, with the mission of “increasing the number of adults who take on challenges.”

Focusing on the concept of “Play to Earn” = “Earn with Games” of the NFT game from around 2019 as a tool to support the three elements of “Money, Time, and Confidence” of adults who take on challenges.

It was established with the goal of increasing the number of adults who are challengers along with the development of GameFi and WEB3 through games, business, and social contribution activities.

This article shows you a detailed overview of LGG, our achievements and management system.

LGG also believes that “NFT games have the potential to contribute to solving the world’s poverty and employment problems.

The second half of the article describes LGG’s mission and the role we as a gaming guild should play.

Please read to the end.

You can read the Japanese version of this article below.(日本語版の紹介記事はこちらから読めます。)


As of March 1, 2022, we operates under the following structure

▼Track record
・Number of game guild members: over 1,000
・Discord participants: over 3,000
・Total number of scholars: over 700
・Total amount of monetary awards in “JobTribes” PvP: 30,615,000 DEP
・Investment yield through breeding “Pegaxy”: 131.9%
・Total investment amount in NFTs: over 3 billion yen

・Early detection of the next great NFTgame
・Form and expand the GameFi community

LGG is a gaming guild with no barriers between Japan and other countries.
A case study of a guild member who made it to 200 million yen in asset formation.
LGG has established our quantitative research team for the next popular game.
Cumulative PvP prize winnings from JobTribes, the game we partnered with in the early period.
The result of JobTribes’ 1st World Championship. LGG members dominated the top positions in the correct answer competition for PvP winners.
Pegaxy Breeding: LGG achieved 131.9% monthly yield
Set KPIs in detail to forecast trends in economic areas.
We also focus on ESG activities utilizing blockchain technology.

What is LGG?

Composition of our guild members

As guild members and Discord participants, not only Japanese but also people outside of Japan join LGG.

The percentage of international members are almost the same as that of Japanese members, as you can see the ratio below:

Japan: Overseas = 50.5%: 49.5%

The majority of the Discord participants are from the Philippines and Indonesia.

In the GameFi market, we have established a position as a gaming guild that connects Japanese users with game companies around the world, getting rid of the information gap between Japan and overseas.

Achievements at JobTribes (DEAPcoin)

Total Monetary Awards: 7 million DEP

LGG dominated the ranking of “JobTribes Championship,” the world tournament for PvP champions of JobTribes. We dominated all the places except 7th place.

In addition, LGG members dominated 7 of the top 10 positions in the world competition commemorating the implementation of the “JobTribes” scholarship. Some of them were our brand new scholars.

Total Monetary Awards: 3 million DEP

In total, LGG has won more than 15 million yen so far.

Partnerships with gaming companies

LGG made it to such a high level of success because we have believed in the potential of DEA (Digital Entertainment Asset Pte. Ltd.), the company operating JobTribes. We have partnered with DEA since 2018.

I have owned NFT since the days when 1 DEP = 0.5 yen, and I have also taken the initiative to capture the game from the time when the number of users was low.

As a result, some of our members were able to accumulate 200 million yen in assets when DEP was listed on the Japanese market (DEAPcoin was the first P2E stock to be listed on the Japanese exchange).

This is just like the partnership between Axie Infinity and YGG.

LGG also aims to find the next great game early on and contribute to the growth of the PlayToEarn economy and the overall health of the industry.(See below for details)

Results of Pegaxy (VIS/PGX)

Through the breeding of “Pegaxy, ” LGG also produced a 116% investment performance in one month these days.

・Original capital: $165,000
・Total assets: $217,758
・Profit: $52,737
・Yield: 131.9%/month
・Investment period: one month

Detailed analysis of market trends

The GameFi sector is still a volatile market and we need to be sensitive to market trends.

Pegaxy’s entry and exit timing

So in order to make a profit from Pegaxy breeding, we need to know

・Number of Pegas bred
・Floor price of NFT (Pega)
・Price of PGX and VIS
・Number of Pegaxy users

and other KPIs on a daily basis.

Pegaxy’s Market Trend Control Chart
Graphing of various KPIs

At the same time, we provided scholarship opportunities and contributed to the development of gaming economies and the creation of jobs for players in developing countries.

Thus, in order to make a profit with GameFi, you need to have a market sense to carefully observe the economic sphere inside and outside the game.

At LGG, we take the risk to enter the economic sphere of the game and make decisions on investment, entry, and exit based on the data we can see from actual operations.

[TOP PRIORITY] Research on the Next Popular NFT Game

What is the next Axie Infinity?

In the field of GameFi, it is very important to enter into the next trend of P2E games as soon as possible.

The reason why JobTribes and Pegaxy have been so successful is because they were able to enter the market before it became popular and prices rose.

As long as GameFi has a “finance” component, we can’t ignore the entry timing factor.

Now NFT gaming guilds are required to “become an index fund for GameFi.” To put it simply, gaming guilds are required to “find as many game titles that will grow as fast as Axie Infinity.”

However, it it not easy to guess which games will be popular in the future because we have to analyze the following factors below:

・Domestic and international economy
・Understanding of blockchain technology (L1, L2, etc.)
・NFT game industry flow and trends
・What influencers are saying
・The rise of Twitter and Discord
・Market capitalization of virtual currency stocks
・Growth rate of the number of users of the game
・Management members’ background and achievements

Those are intricately interrelated, so LGG checks these indicators and quantitatively studies the growth signals of the next popular game.

This screenshot shows the development screen of a system that can automatically extract stocks with big movements every week from over 600 P2E stocks.

We are creating a system that allows blockchain engineers to keep abreast of GameFi trends through API information from Twitter, CoinMarketCap, and nansen.

Providing the Highest Level of the Gaming Guild Environment

Horizontal development of game strategy know-how by TOP players

Nevertheless, it goes without saying that what proves the power of game guilds is the power of game strategy.

LGG also has many of the world’s TOP players.

They have won many times in PvP at JobTribes, as well as

・Development of a Scholar Education System
・Effective bleeding methods for Pegaxy and STEPN

and other in-depth P2E games at the forefront of GameFi.

Below are the achievements and Twitter accounts of the world’s TOP players representing “LGG”.

Shinkei: @shinkei_pm

In JobTribes, shinkei has won the world’s top PvP competition many times.

ajihurai: @ajihurai_DAA

sjihurai became the first Grand Champion of JobTribes in the world tournament for past PvP champions.

Neoneow: @ neoneow_P2E

Neoneow took the second place in the above championship after ajihurai. In addition, the Neoneow Cup has been held as an individual crowning tournament.

We support newcomers to the NFT game by sharing the strategy know-how and tactics of the world’s top players with our guild members.

Invited Top Advisors for Each Game Titles, including Axie Infinity

LGG has invited influencers from Axie Infinity, one of the leading NFT games, to serve as executive advisors.

“Zone” and “Otofu,” our executive advisors below, are influencers who are no strangers to Axie players.

“Zone” is famous as “a person who makes a living only from Axie Infinity” and has about 7,000 followers (as of February 2022).

  1. Prize money earned as a player
  2. Sales of bleeding (mating / nurturing) Axies
  3. Income from scholars
  4. Note income such as capture information

Through Axie Infinity, we have created a number of cash points and applied Play to Earn to realize “living only with games.”

“Otofu” is one of the Japan’s leading Axie breeders who sells Axie at Otofu’s [Axie shop].

Bleeds tailored to the game environment and user objectives are very popular, centered on Axies for arenas and scholars’ managers.

・ “Zone” Twitter: @Zone_Axie
・ “Otofu” Twitter: @soy_omamental

Achievements with Axie Infinity (SLP)

As a result, the Axie Infinity Scholarship (Season 18) achieved the above results.

Instead of preparing special decks, we quickly prepared decks that were easy to use and easy to win with the lowest possible cost.

We gave them to all the scholars, and by sharing and educating them on PvP strategies, we were able to achieve 2~3 times more than the average players.

Communication: The Appeal and Potential of “Play to Earn” via Various Media Channels

“Play to Earn” has become a culture centered on poor countries such as Southeast Asia, but the reality is that it is FAR BEHIND in Japan.

Therefore, LGG manages online social media platforms such as YouTube, Twitter, and Discord. We continue to convey the appeal and potential of Play-to-Earn. Information is basically sent free of charge, so please register and use it to collect information.

・ NFTGame capture site “P2E Hacks”(Japanese Englisch both)
・ YouTube “Yunto Aki’s NFT Game Channel”
・ Twitter “Hosogane_LGG”
・ Discord “LGG Discord”

P2E Hacks, an NFT Game Strategy Website

“P2E Hacks” is a game strategy website run by LGG. The website provides easy-to-understand explanations on how to start and earn money in P2E games carefully selected by LGG. The website is available in both English and Japanese, and access from overseas is increasing.

・ NFT Game Website “P2E Hacks”(Japanese & English)

Yun & Aki’s “NFT Game Channel”

On Yun and Aki’s “NFT Game Channel,” two female gamers Yun and Aki plays “Yun & Aki” loosely deliver live games and commentary almost every day.

Yun & Aki are super cute, but they are not just cute!Since the world’s top player of LGG is coaching, he is familiar with strategy information and is quite strong as a player!

Doing thier best every day to make Pla-to-Earn enjoyable for many people!

・ YouTube “Yun and Aki’s NFT Game Channel

Twitter “Hosogane_LGG”

This is the official Twitter account of Hosogane Koki, the founder of LGG .

Focusing on Play to Earn for over 3 years, we founded the game guild LGG.

Hosogane’s official Twitter account explains the world of Play-to-Earn in an easy-to-understand manner from a managerial and business perspective.

・ Twitter “Hosogane_LGG
・note “LCA GAME GUILD”(Japanese)

On note and Medium, I organize information on Twitter and send out more in-depth information.

LGG Discord

Discord is a place where game guilds (LGG operators) send out the latest information, and players exchange and communicate with each other.

There are 2,500 participants on LGG’s Discord, and about half of them are Filipinos.

NFT games were all the rage in Southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

One of the strengths of LGG is that you can pick up the voices of the names of the users who are at the center of that information.

If you want to earn more or have more fun with Play to Earn, please take a look at the real scene.

LGG Discord

The Team of Professionals in Many Different Areas

As core members of LGG, professionals in many different areas are involved in LGG, such as management strategy, marketing, media development, and gaming strategy.



・Koki Hosogane: @Hosogane_LGG

・Tatsunori Sumida: @masanorikakuta

・Yoshiki Kawaguchi: @kawaguchi_AAA


Without such a professional team, we would not have achieved the following below:

・Management strategy to succeed in operating a gaming guild

・Investors’ views to analyze the GameFi market from both fundamentals and technical aspects

・Negotiation and building partnership with gaming companies or other gaming guilds

・Building up an environment where we can send those updates through many kinds of media (P2E Hacks, YouTube, PR Times, etc.)

ESG (Environmental, Social, Governance) Initiatives

ESG and NFT Gaming Industry

Today, ESG-related investments are consistently increasing worldwide.

According to Bloomberg Intelligence, ESG assets under management are projected to grow from $30.6 trillion in 2018 to $53 trillion by the end of 2025.

Source: GSIA, Bloomberg Intelligence

Currently, NFT game companies and NFT game guilds are attracting venture capital investment (*1).

This is not only because the NFT game market is a growing market, but also because it includes the ESG perspective that it can help alleviate poverty and inequality issues.

The case of the Philippines, where NFT games helped people in economic hardship in Corona, was featured in the Nikkei newspaper and became a hot topic, and NFT games are beginning to function as a source of employment in developing countries.

The expansion of the NFT game economic zone is expected to play an important role for the world as a whole from the ESG perspective of alleviating poverty and disparity issues.

※1) Source:

・Example of procurement by an NFT game company: SkyMavis raised approximately 170 million yen.
・NFT game guilds: Yield Guide Games (YGG) raised approximately 2.6 billion yen and GuildFi raised approximately 700 million yen.

Contributing to Society through Scholarships

The rise of NFT games in developing countries is not a fire on the other side of the river.

NFT games have the potential to contribute to solving poverty and employment problems in Japan.

LGG is also committed to supporting poverty issues and developing countries through its scholarship program.

Scholarship is a system unique to NFT games in which NFT owners lend NFTs to players who want to start P2E games but do not have the funds to do so, and share the profits with them.

The guild’s research and game strategy know-how, which has been introduced so far, is generously deployed to guild members, and the scholarship system allows those who are economically disadvantaged to participate in NFT games and support their families.

LGG is the first DAO in Japan to release a documentary video on the NFT game.

Play to Earn: Possibility of NFT Games Saving Poverty in Japan

NFT games can help Japan’s employment and poverty problems, and those problems have been more serious due to COVID-19.” This has already attracted the attention of many Japanese media, even though it has not been long since the video below was released. Please check it out.(*This video has English subtitles.)

Through the experiences of our guild members, it is probed that LGG incorporates NFT games to help people gain their “money, time and confidence” with the aim of increasing the number of adults who are willing to take on challenges.

Focusing on Supporting Developing Countries

When a major typhoon hit the Philippines in 2021, some of the LGG scholars had their houses completely destroyed.

Therefore, volunteer owners collected donations and sent about 600,000 SLP (US $20,000 = 2.2 million yen) to the families of the LGG scholars and the people around them.

Even on a regular basis, we get messages from scholars saying things like, “It helps me earn money for school to graduate,” and “Now I can go to the dentist!”

The Ideal Gaming Guild LGG Imagines

Again, we started LGG with the goal of “increasing the number of adults who take on challenges,” using technology such as GameFi and WEB 3. And behind this goal, we have our desire to “correct the poverty gap.”

NFT Games & Poverty in Japan

The era of the “100 million middle class” is over, and poverty has been addressed as one of the social problems in Japan. In today’s Japan, it is estimated that one in six of the population lives in “relative poverty.”

“Relative poverty” is defined as living conditions that are relatively poorer than the majority of the society to which one belongs.


Relative poverty in Japan is known to be high among households headed by an elderly person aged 65 or older and single-parent households. In particular, the relative poverty rate for single-parent households is 50.8%, meaning that one out of every two households is in poverty(*2).


Among single-parent households, the situation of single mothers is even more serious. According to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare’s “Current Situation of Single-parent Families and Issues on Support Measures,” the average income of single mothers is approximately 2.52 million yen, about half the average income of all households.

This data is for the period 2000–2010, but the situation is not likely to have improved in light of the current corona disaster.

In 2018, the child poverty rate (under 17 years old) was 13.5%, with one child in seven considered poor (*3).

As a result, many children are forced to give up higher education and find employment.

We believe that it is NFT games that we may be able to use to solve poverty and unemployment in Japan.

If the NFT game increases the income of single-parent households, children may not have to give up on higher education or their own dreams.

Example of Scholarship Supporting Single-Parent Families

(*2) Source: “Current Situation of Single-parent Families and Issues of Support Policies,” Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare
(*3) Source: “Income and Other Conditions of Various Households,” Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Create Society where Young People Can Hold HOPE FOR FUTURE

Of course, the problem of poverty in Japan is not limited to single-parent families. Since 1997, wages in developed countries other than Japan have been on an upward trend, while wages in Japan alone have continued to decline (*4).

Wages have been increasing in all the OECD countries except Japan.

Many companies are now lifting the ban on side jobs, but even if one takes a part-time job after work, it is difficult to find the time and energy to do so.

Especially for single-parent families who need time for child-rearing and housework, it will be a hurdle to increase income with another job. It is apparent that young people’s attitudes are also affected by such a pessimistic situation in Japan.

In 2019, The Nippon Foundation’s survey of 18-year-olds in nine countries around the world brought to light the low image Japanese youth have of themselves.

Source: The Nippon Foundation, Attitudes Toward Country and Society (9-country survey)

NFT games can help those young people solve the problems of their money and confidence.

The Gaming Guild with Adults Trying Everything

We believe the combination of “Play to Earn” AND “Scholarship” has the potential to correct the gap that has opened too wide.

Games make it easy for anyone to get started, anywhere and at any time. LGG is committed to spreading the word about the potential of NFT games and creating an environment where more people have the opportunity to “Play to Earn.” And through NFT games, we hope to support adults with money, time, and confidence, and create a society where children can have hope.

  • Increase the number of adults who takes on challenge through games
  • Connect those adults to each other & increase the number of their friends who also take on challenge
  • Letting children see those adults to show how fun it is to try everything

And above all, we will continue to be the adults who take on challenges. Thank you for reading to the end.




We are one of the largest gaming guilds in Japan, mainly composed of Japanese. We are running a blockchain game strategy website “P2E Hacks”.