Importance of Japanese game creators in “LAND” in the Metaverse

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Today, I will introduce about the relationship between Metaverse and Japanese game creators.

Recently, Axie Infinity and Decentraland’s LAND have been on the news that they were purchased for 200 to 300 million yen.

Let’s think about what it means to be able to own “land” in this Metaverse.

Why is LAND, which is also bought by famous companies, selling now?

In “Sandbox”, which was announced in alpha version the other day, LAND is often pre-sold, and many LANDs have already been sold.

LAND owners can provide other players with their own gaming experience, or rent a portion of LAND to other players to earn money (SAND).

Some LAND owners also have names of well-known companies such as Atari and CoinMarketCap. Each LAND owner will create their own games, service shops, malls, etc. to attract users.

If it becomes a popular LAND, the price of that section will naturally increase. Exactly the same thing happens as real estate in reality.

The other day, there was news that KDDI created “Virtual Shibuya”. This would be the hottest trend in the near future.

Importance of game creators in LAND

What is important here is the existence of “game creators” who can create attractive games.

In real estate, attractions such as amusement parks have attracted people, but in Metaverse, “Wheather you can create an attractive experience in a gaming world” would be the key for the hits.

Even now, with Nintendo’s “Mario Maker” software, it is being communicated through game commentators that users around the world can create their own “courses” and enjoy them by other players.

The same thing will naturally happen in games on the Metaverse.

Potential of Japanese game creation

It’s a bit off topic, but despite Japan being a game powerhouse, it has fallen far behind in e-sports.

It has been said that there are many things such as the fact that it is not legally possible to give out a lot of prize money, and that Japanese people are vulnerable to “competition”, but I think that there is still a lot of potential in the field of “game creation” for Japan.

The strength of Japanese games is “character making”

Above all, the appeal of Japanese-made games lies in their “characters.”

・Dragon quest

・Final Fantasy


・Yo-Kai Watch

Each of the characters in the game, which is highly popular around the world, has a STORY, which makes it easy to embrace emotions and makes you feel immersive.

This is probably because manga and anime culture have a great influence.

Looking at the hit contents in the past, it is clear that Japanese creators are very good at creating attractive characters.

The development is unpredictable, even the protagonist is frustrated, defeated, and even killed. There are many supporting characters with completely different personalities from the main character, and it is said that the development that stands out more than the main character “cannot be a Western work”. Typical examples of such works include “Attack on Titan” (2013) and “My Hero Academia” (2016). “When I was a kid, everyone thought that they were the main characters, but when they grow up, the reality is different. Everything happens in life. It’s easy to project yourself to a character who lives a real and harsh life. There is an adult world in anime. “
※The original text is Japanese. The English translation by the author is quoted.

Does the value of LAND depend on the ability of the Japanese creater’s character making?

If the value of LAND in Metaverse matters with “game element”, there is a lot of chances for Japanese creators to play an active role.

This “character-creating” culture goes well with the “avatars” in the Metaverse.

As you can see from the fact that “Fortnite” makes a profit by charging for the appearance and emotional expression of the avatar instead of paying for play, the human desire to transform into something is very strong.

This is just in my head, but since NFTs can straddle game contents, you may be able to fight with Cloud in the FF world and adventure with Link in the Zelda world through your avatar.

In other words, we can provide the experience of “going on a journey with attractive characters”.

Being able to act with attractive characters and being able to become an attractive character are great value on the Metaverse.

And I expect it is important for LAND owners if they are able to provide that value. It may be compatible for each LAND to have attractive creators.


The Metaverse is highly related to GameFi, and the “game element” in the Metaverse is very important.

What is different from real estate in reality is that the influence of “games” is huge, and there is a high possibility that creators will increase the value of LAND.

I hope that many Japanese people will play an active role here.

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