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What is “Discord” anyway?

Discord is a huge social networking platform that is used frequently, mainly in the gaming, music, science, tech, and virtual currency industries.

Discord is a huge social networking platform that is used frequently in the gaming, music, science, tech, and virtual currency industries. It was originally popularized by users of Twitch, a gamer live streaming service. When it was first released, it became popular as a chat service for gamers.

However, Discord’s ability to make high-quality video and voice calls with no latency has made it a valuable tool for teleworkers to communicate, as well as for collaborating on YouTube broadcasts and managing fan communities. (In Discord, various communities are referred to as “servers.”)

Discord has become a must-have social network for those who want to gather information about the industry.

What kind of community is LGG Discord?

We, the LCA Game Guild (LGG), also manage the community on Discord.

LGG’s Discord provides the following valuable information for participants to catch up with and experience the latest NFT games.

◇The latest information on the next popular NFT games
◇Strategy information of LGG’s recommended games
◇Game entry and exit timing
◇Application for game guild scholarships

This article will explain how to enjoy and use the LGG Discord.

To join the LGG Discord, “click here”!

Steps to view LGG Discord content

1. check the message on the “#👏|welcome” channel

When you join Discord, a message will be sent to you on the “#👏|welcome” channel saying “Firstly, please check the #🔰|how-to-use channel”.

Tap the link in the message to go to the “#🔰|how-to-use” channel.

And read the Discord rules.

2.Perform email address verification.

When you enter “🔰|how-to-use”, you should see a message at the bottom of the screen that says, “There are a few more steps left before you can start chatting. Click the “→” button on it.

Then, you will see the authentication status of your email address and the rules for participating in our community.

A verification email will be sent to the email address you entered during registration, so please complete the email verification from there. (For those who have already completed the process, it will be referred to as “verified email address.)

After that, please read the rules carefully, check the “Agree” box, and click the “Finish” button.

(If you’ve arrived at this article from Discord, you’ve already completed this step.)

3. Configure language settings

In LGG Discord, you can select which channels to display by clicking on the designated flag symbol.

If you want to display only English channels, click the flag symbol “🇺🇸” below the message.

If you want to cancel the operation, click again.

If you do not press anything, both Japanese and English channels will be displayed.

Explanation of various channels

━━ 📜 Entrance Lobby ━━

New participants will be notified.

It contains the rules and instructions on how to enter the server.

━━━━ 😃 Support ━━━━

This page contains a collection of frequently asked questions.

It explains the basic rules and how to make the most of this community.

━━ 📣 announcement ━━

This is the channel where you can check give-aways, new scalar recruitment, and other announcements from LGG.

Information on “🚀|official-news” is translated and distributed in Tagalog for the Filipinos.

Twitter updates from the guild representative @Hosogane_LGG and the guild official @LGG_DAO will be posted.

━━━👥 AMA Event ━━━

AMA stands for “Ask Me Anything”. In short, it means “Ask Me Anything! LGG holds AMAs with influencers from each game title.

This is an event information channel.

Join this channel during an event to listen to the audio.

Use this chat to ask questions and share your thoughts while watching the event.

━━ 💎 Special Contents ━━

How is the economic sphere created from the white papers of various games? We will send out the content of our analysis.(Not Financial Advise)

━━━ 🎁 LGG’s Giveaway ━━━

You will receive notices of giveaway projects. If you’re lucky, you might get a free NFT, scholarship slot, or token!

━━━ 💝 Scholarships ━━━

This is a channel for people to apply only when there is an official recruitment from LGG.

It is usually not up and running, so if you do not receive a recruitment notice from LGG, please consider it to be a time when we are not recruiting.

━━━━ 📢 [ PR ] NFT ━━━━

You can advertise your own NFT! If you want to promote to Japanese-speaking people as well, you can also use the” 🎨🇯🇵|nft宣伝広場 “channel.

Please introduce the NFTs you’ve bought and the NFT projects you’re promoting.
Please feel free to share and exchange information on NFTs that you are paying attention to and NFT projects that are becoming popular.

━ 🛡 Divestment ━

This channel is for discussing the timing of withdrawal from each game! NFT games are still a highly volatile genre.

The NFT game is still a volatile genre, and watching currencies rise and fall can make many people feel uneasy about their own decision-making process.

I thought that if I could see how other people were making decisions, it might change my decision making and make me feel more confident about my own decisions.

I don’t think there is a right or wrong answer here either, so I’d be happy if you could discuss it freely.

━ 💬 NFT GAME Discussion ━

The key to GameFi is “how fast can you get into the game that’s going to be popular? At LGG, we have been researching very closely what games are going to be popular next. At LGG, we are researching what the next popular games will be. LGG has been researching what games will be popular next, and based on the results of that research, we will be introducing NFT games that LGG is watching to everyone who joins the Discord.

In addition to the titles LGG introduces, feel free to introduce games you’re interested in, ask for opinions on games you’re interested in, and chat about NFT games in general.

━━🎮 About each game ━━

Information about campaigns and Giveaway projects for each game.

Links to articles and game whitepapers that explain how to get started and earn money.

A channel where you can talk freely about the game.

This is a chat for owners of scholarships. If you have any problems with scalar hiring or management, this is the place for you.

━━━ 👫 community ━━━

This is a self-introduction channel. In this channel, you can briefly introduce yourself, including topics that interest you, such as “I’m new to NFT” or “I joined because I want to know more about this game.

Of course, a simple greeting like “Nice to meet you” is also fine. Please feel free to speak up!

As the name suggests, this is a chat channel. Any TOPICS are welcome!

🎨|arts 🐶|animals 🎵|music
Art related, animals, music, and other specialized photos and videos are welcome here!

Memes are funny images and collage images. We’re waiting for your funny posts that you want to share with others!

Share your countrie’s unique scenery/food/buildings for people overseas!

How to invite people to Discord

If you like our Discord, please issue a “personal invitation code” and invite your family and friends.

(1) Right-click (tap) on LCA GAME GUILD in the upper left corner of the screen and select “Invite Friends”.
(2) Edit the invitation link → Change it to “No Expiration Date”.
(3) After issuing the new invite link, copy and save it to share!




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