Want to Take Advantage of “JobTribes” NFTs at LGG?

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“JobTribes” scholarship has started!


On December 14, 2021, the scholarship of the NFT game “JobTribes” started.

Unraveling the rules of “JobTribes” scholarship, in order for owners who lend NFTs to scholars to maximize profits,

  • Whether you have a deck that can win PvP in the LEGENDARY quest
  • Especially if you can find a scholar that can win in PvP

Is known to have a significant effect.

Operate “Job Tribes” NFT with scholarship

Currently, LGG has received a request from a person who has multiple NFTs for this “Job Tribes” to operate it instead.

Owners buying NFTs when DEPs are cheap can achieve high yields

Those people are purchasing NFT when 1DEP = 0.5 yen (one-eighth price now).

With the current LEGENDARY quest, you can earn up to 201,000 DEP at a month.

If you buy 6 types of amulets with 5 NFTs stacked at 0.5 yen, the monthly interest is 14.8% for an investment of 5.4 million yen (= 360,000 DEP x 6 types x 5 sheets x 0.5 yen).

(As of 12/14, 1DEP = 4 yen conversion, NFT quest revenue will be 804,000 yen at a month.)

Yields for NFT scholarship operations are expected to increase

Further from here

  • The price of DEP goes up
  • Scholars who rented NFTs can win prizes in PvP
  • Efficient collection know-how is born on low-level decks

Then the yield will improve further. (Because more scholars can be rented)

Therefore, we have received requests from owners who purchased NFTs at a low price at that time, saying, “I want you to operate NFTs with LGG’s scholarship.”

Thorough capture of NFT quests with all guild members!

At LGG, all guild members are focusing on capturing the scholarship of “Job Tribes”.

LGG has top players who have won many times in the past in PvP and world competitions in “Job Tribes”.

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With the start of the scholarship, they started a thorough analysis of the strategy for each quest.

Job Tribes’ first Grand Champion, “aji hurai,” is immediately spending 600,000 DEP on items used to level up his cards. (Amount equivalent to 2.4 million yen as of 12/14)

Given the above yields, it’s a natural risk take.

PvP is also building a strategy to win in the guild!


In addition, a PvP tournament to commemorate the start of the scholarship will be held from December 18th to 19th. The winning prize for this tournament is 2 million DEP, which is twice the normal prize money.

1st : 2,000,000 DEP
2nd : 600,000 DEP
3rd : 200,000 DEP
4th-10th: 100,000 DEP

The total of up to 10th place is 3.5 million DEP. LGG is building a strategy to monopolize this TOP10.

Of course, you can’t tell if you win or lose unless you open the lid, but once the scholarship feature is implemented, you won’t be able to win in PvP just by having a strong card.

This is because combination of the scholar’s deck and the owner’s one allows stronger players to enter the tournament.

In short,

  • Number of owners with strong decks
  • Number of scholars with low PvP rank

The more you have, the easier it will be to break into your PvP rankings.

With more than 110 owners and nearly 500 scholars, LGG expects to win PvP prizes from a fairly high angle.

Please contact the owner who wants to operate the “Job Tribes” scholarship.

Therefore, owners with strong NFTs may end up with higher yields if they leave it to LGG rather than hiring scholars to play on their own.

If you have any ideas, please DM me directly on Twitter.




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