What is Web 3.0? Social Significance & Potential of Blockchain

4 min readJan 3, 2022

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​​In this article, let’s take a look at the significance of blockchain in the Web age.

We are now in the big swell of the “IT revolution.” With the birth of the PC and the Internet, it has been only over 50 years before the blockchain appeared. Technological progress is progressing at a rapid pace, but this time we will consider the significance of blockchain by unraveling the history of the Web.

Web History

To understand the blockchain, it is easy to follow this “History of the Web”.

It is said that there are three main phases in the history of the Web.

・ Web1.0 (1989-early 2000s): Homepage era
・ Web2.0 (mid-2000s-): GAFA / SNS era
・ Web3.0 (2015 and later): Blockchain revolution

Web1.0 “Browsing” era

Web 1.0 is an era of “browsing”. The concept of the “World Wide Web” was announced by Tim Berners-Lee. (I often see the URL www on websites, which stands for World Wide Web.)

It was during this era that Internet browsers such as Yahoo, MSN, and IE (nostalgic) appeared. At this time, the data was flowing “one-sidedly” from HP, and the user only “seeed” it.

Web 2.0 “outgoing” era

Web 2.0, which began in the mid-2000s, is an era of “outgoing.” With the advent of blogs, Wikis, SNS such as Twitter and Facebook, and YouTube, we are now in an era where anyone can easily “distribute” information. At this time, the data flowed “in both directions”, causing an information explosion and accumulating as so-called big data.

GAFA has become the hegemony of the world economy by collecting personal information of users all over the world and making it “big data”.

Doubts about Web 2.0

I don’t think the benefits of Web 2.0 need to be explained, but on the other hand, the problem is that “data ownership” is concentrated in a specific company.

In recent years, news such as leakage and unauthorized use of personal information has become a hot topic, but in Web 2.0, users can only entrust the management of personal information to “corporate ethics”.


We have no means to check the management status of all information, from personal information such as date of birth to location information and purchase history of goods.

Web3.0 “Distributed and Shared” Era

Blockchain is the technology born from the concept of “solving the administrator dependence / monopoly state (= decentralizing from centralization)” that became a problem in Web 2.0.

By the way, Google, which can be said to be a symbol of Web 2.0, has set “Don’t Be Evil” as an informal norm, but this is simply the fact that it depends on corporate ethics. Represents. Blockstack advertised “Can’t Be Evil” with this slogan. Blockchain can’t be evil in the first place.

Blockstack is a company that provides services that allow users to directly own and control their personal information. With Web 2.0, the data aggregated in the enterprise can be managed individually by blockchain technology. Recruit also invests in Blockstack.

Application of Web3.0

The application of this “data management technology that does not depend on a specific company”

1.DeFi (decentralized finance)
2.NFT (non-fungible token)
3. social token
4. Metaverse

That’s why various themes will appear in the future, but it will be easier to understand if you think that all of them are based on the above-mentioned technologies.

Each of the above four is the application of blockchain technology to the following industries.

1.DeFi ・ ・ ・ Finance, etc.
2.NFT ・ ・ ・ Art, IP (intellectual property), etc.
3.Social tokens ・ ・ ・ Organization management, voting, etc.
4.Metaverse ・ ・ ・ AR, VR, real estate, etc.

And you can think of “GameFi” as the inclusion / fusion of all of these.


Basically, blockchain has incentives as it contributes to the development and operation of the system. 2. Data cannot be tampered with.

Because it is designed as such, it is characteristic that the mechanism of “sharing” that is important in this guild is easy to establish.

Therefore, when blockchain technology begins to spread as an actual service, I expect that the world will improve “sexually”.

Although it is wishful thinking, I think that many people involved in Web3.0 are hungry for the realization of the future and are working hard now.

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