“Often overlooked” management risks in Axie Infinity’s scholarship

3 min readJan 3, 2022


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There are four risks to the current Axie Infinity scholarship.

  1. Rule fluctuation risk
  2. Account BAN risk
  3. Contract / tax related risks
  4. Timing risk (often overlooked)

Newcomers need to understand and address the above risks.

Risk of rule fluctuation

In Axie Infinity, due to rule changes and BOT measures, deck composition and game strategy occupy an important position to earn more.

Depending on the information you have, some people can only earn 100 SLP a day for scalars, while others can earn more than 200 SLP a day, and the latest information is constantly changing.

Are you always following the “latest winners” in running your scholarship? Are you able to study? Is important.

Account BAN risk

Currently, multiple accounts (commonly known as “compound”) are rampant, and the movement to ban compound (prohibited use) is becoming active.

Even among Japanese managers, BAN has caused damage to ban their own Axie (NFT).

Once banned, the NFT you purchased will be frozen and become virtually worthless. There is no refund, so you have to cry and fall asleep.

This risk is always high when hiring foreigners.

Contract / tax related risks

Cryptocurrencies are not catching up with the legal system, and if you do not understand the basic taxes, you may be subject to unexpected additional tax due to omission of tax returns.

In particular, the ones that sandwich overseas are very difficult, and even tax accountants may not be familiar with them, so accurate measures must be taken.

Regardless of the scholarship, those who want to earn SLP as a player and those who want to make a profit by bleeding are the same.

Timing risk

Finally, many people aren’t aware of it, but there is a risk that Axie will lose its popularity.

  • When will Axie fail?
  • What is the next popular game?

Whether or not you can detect the timing of withdrawal early depends on how much information network you have.

Without it, no matter how much you could capture Axie Infinity, Scalar would be sneaky over there at the moment another “more earning” game title became popular.

Advance preparation is very important for Axie scholarship

At LGG, we have established a system to cover these risks and created our own scholarship, and most of the scholarships are Japanese.

It is dangerous for a person without any knowledge to suddenly form a scholarship.

  • Do you have a strategy to win the scalar?
  • Is the environment designed to receive the latest information?
  • Do you have knowledge about tax and contracts?
  • Is there an antenna for other games?

First of all, please collect information firmly and prepare for it!




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